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Specific Care

Sometimes a student needs more special attention than the teacher can give them. In these situations, our special needs team will be used to help out these students. For example, students with serious learning and behavioural problems, such as dyslexia, performance anxiety, and lack of social skills or other sorts of giftedness. Students with a heavy burden may also receive special counseling. Each of our locations has a special needs team. These teams consist of an educational specialist and a school social worker, amongst other trained specialists.

Children with performance anxiety can be counselled individually or receive group training. For upper year students, the training can be specifically focused on a fear of taking exams. Our locations also provide social skills training.

At the beginning of the first year, all students are tested for their language skills, especially spelling. Students can also be further tested for dyslexia. They can potentially receive help from a specially trained teacher.

Since August 2007, the school has had a rebound group. This group receives lessons under the auspices of our location Guido de Brès at a location close to the school.  The rebound group is intended for students who show such behaviour that poses a threat to other students, teachers, and, ultimately, themselves.

Students are temporarily placed in this group. After a period of counselling, they will return to regular education. If this is not possible, then they are prepared for another form of education and/or assistance.

At every location, there is a man or woman who functions as a counsellor. Parents, students, and teachers can address their concerns to them about behaviour or negligence of people at school who they are concerned about. For instance, with cases of discrimination, sexual harassment, or other undesirable behaviour. You can find the contact information of that year's  counselors in the school guide, under the name confidential contact person.