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For all students

The mentor is crucial in the guidance of our students. This is a teacher who, alongside the typical teaching tasks, has special tasks assigned for his or her mentor class. They are up-to-date with the individual circumstances of each student. They are the ones who keep in contact with the parents and students about the marks of the students and any behavioural problems that might occur. They also advise the students as to which educational path is right for them. One lesson during the week is set aside as a 'mentor hour': guidance in the class relationship. 

The teacher teams are responsible for the education and also for the care of the students. A team consists of approximately fifteen teachers.

The vice principal leads the teacher teams. He is involved with any requests of leave, absences, and the discipline of the students. He regularly consults the mentors about the current situation with the students.

Homework is a part of secondary education. But, for some students, doing homework can be a difficult task. Therefore, the rules about homework are discussed at the beginning of every school year.

At all of our school branches, students have the option of attending an extra hour of lessons: the support or tutoring lessons.

When choosing the sector and educational trajectory of the student, and for the profile (HAVO-3 and Atheneum-3), the mentors and subject teachers work together to help the student. During this decision making process - and also with continuing education and a job - the school counsellor is also closely involved.

Incoming first year students - known as 'bridge students' - are already acquainted with their class and mentor the June before their first school year. At the beginning of the new school year, they will receive an introduction program.