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VMBO - Vocational Education

VMBO appears to be one type of education, but there are actually four varieties:

  • Basic Vocational Education
  • Managerial Vocational Education
  • Mixed Education
  • Theoretical Education

Basic Vocational Education Pathway

The Basic Vocational Education in VMBO is wonderfully suited for children who find it difficult to sit still and enjoy working with their hands. These children learn best by first doing the activities by themselves and then applying what they have learned to the book.
During the first year, the students receive plenty of hands-on subjects, such as: drawing/crafts, ICT, nursing/care, music and Physical Education.
During the second year, the students are introduced to Practical Sector Orientation (PSO). They will become familiar with practices in sectors such as Engineering, Care & Wellness, and Economics. They will take a look at a shipyard, a construction business, an automobile garage, or a care facility to discover where they might want work one day.
During the third and fourth years, they will receive 12 to 16 hours of practical education alongside the theoretical subjects. With a diploma from the basic vocational education, they will continue their education at a higher level vocational college (MBO) at Levels 1 or 2.

Management Vocational Education Pathway

During the first year, the students receive the same subjects as the students in Basic Vocational Education, but at a slightly different level. During the second year, they will be introduced to the Practical Sector Orientation (PSO) in the same manner as the Basic Vocational Pathway, though Engineering and Nursing will not be given.
In the third year and fourth years, they will receive 12 to 13 hours of practical subjects alongside the theoretical subjects. The Managerial Vocational Pathway is great for children who are “do-ers” but learn at a slightly different level than the Basic Vocational Pathway. After they receive their diploma, these children can obtain further education at Levels 2, 3, and 4 in MBO.

Mixed Education Pathway

The Mixed Education Pathway is closely connected to the Managerial Vocational Pathway. Students who especially learn by doing go to the Managerial Pathway. Students who would prefer to have their books open for longer go to the Mixed Education Pathway.
With the subject of technology, they are oriented towards the various sectors. The students who follow the Mixed Education Pathway are not immediately educated for a profession. They will go through to continuing education at Levels 3 and 4 at the middle-level vocational college (MBO).

Theoretical Pathway

The theoretical pathway fits well with the “thinkers”: children for whom HAVO-level  education proves to be a bit too high when they enter their first year. With a diploma from the Theoretical Pathway, the students can go to Level 4 at the middle-level vocational college (MBO) or transfer to year 4 of havo education.

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