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Practical education

Practical education is for students who are not yet ready to go to a school for VMBO. Most students who complete practical education search for a job. Some can continue their education in VMBO or MBO, or continue education offered by a trade association.

The two-year beginning education is focused on further developing basic skills such as arithmetic and mathematics, Dutch, and information science. The development of basic skills is, as much as possible, based on practical everyday application both now and in the future. Theoretical knowledge is taught during the practical subjects and the apprenticeships thereafter.
During the second year, the students will already get a chance for a short apprenticeship. For two periods, the students will go to an internship one day per week, and two times a period for one whole week.

After the first two years of education, the practical part of the education will become increasingly important, by expanding the internship. This second part of their secondary education lasts a minimum of two years, but usually three or four years.

The entire education is customized for the developmental opportunities of the student. We prepare young adults to function as independent adults in society.
The program is geared more toward practical opportunities. The functions for which the students are prepared are generally under the assistant level
(level 1).

For students in the higher years, there is the possibility to receive a Level 1 MBO diploma. After the second year of education, it will be decided which students are suitable for this possibility.

Separate Admissions Procedure

For children going into Practical Education (PrO) an expanded admittance procedure is required. Ask the director of your child’s primary school or click here.