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A havo student frequently has a practical part of education next to their intellectual formation. The education is formed by high-level curriculum with application oriented assignments. This five-year education is good preparation for the Higher Professional Education (HBO) school. Transferring to vwo year 5 is also a possibility.

The six-year vwo education prepares students for study at a university. Of course, study at a Higher Professional Education (HBO) is also an option. A vwo student is studious and searches for deeper meanings in all kinds of issues. Besides the usual motivations, the student also chooses a clear pathway of education according to their interests. In the first three years of vwo, the students can choose to learn classical languages. Latin and Greek contain more than one would expect from a “dead language”. The connections with other modern foreign languages become a bit clearer after learn about the classical languages. Also, the classical languages provide insight to the development of our modern culture and society.

At the end of the third year of education, both havo and vwo students must choose from four educational paths:

  • Culture and Society
  • Economy and Society
  • Nature and Health
  • Nature and Engineering

The last years of education consist of a general section, a profile section, and a free section. Additionally, the school has introduced a module on apologetics to prepare the students for life in society. Years 4 through 6 are all exam years. This means that from the beginning of the fourth year, all marks are taken into account for the school exams. Together with the Central Exams, this must produce the desired diploma.

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Bilingual education (tto)

Students who are advised for vwo can indicate on their application if they wish to be considered for placement in a bilingual education (tto) classroom. Tto is a separate stream within vwo and is only offered at the Guido de Brès location. Half of the lessons in a tto classroom are given in English. Beginning in the first year, the subjects given in English are geography, biology, English, history, Religious Education, classical languages and mathematics.
A special test commission assesses the applications.

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Strengthened language education (véto)

During the first three years of education, there is an extra option given to the subject of English. We call this véto. Two to four subjects are given in English. In this program, the students do not have three hours of English a week, but a submersion of 7 to 9 hours per week.