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All Types of Secondary Education

Wartburg College offers all secondary school educational types at four separate locations. When deciding which location to send each student, we begin by placing younger students at the nearest possible school to their home. With this goal in mind, most locations offer a wide variety of educational types from year 1 through 3.

Consequently, it is possible that some students will have to change to a different location for years 4, 5, and 6, where applicable. Wartburg College ensures that these students will have a smooth transition to their new location.

Our location are:

  • Guido de Brès in Rotterdam-IJsselmonde 
  • Marnix in Dordrecht 
  • Revius in Rotterdam-Prins Alexander
  • De Swaef in Rotterdam-Zuid (Vocational School)

Below, you will find what types of education each location offers and when any potential transfers may occur.

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