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Wartburg College offers Christian secondary education grounded in Reformed Christian foundations. The school has approximately 3900 students, spread throughout four locations in Rotterdam and Dordrecht. At Wartburg College, students may apply for vocational education, VMBO, HAVO, Athenuem, and Gymnasium education.

Principles - Involved - Active

These three words represent the core values of Wartburg College.

Wartburg College is a school with a calling: in our words and deeds, we want our Reformed identity to be immediately recognizable. We desire for the whole of school life to be permeated with Biblical principles: through the daily Bible readings and the collective prayer, and through the development of our own lesson methods for specific subjects.

Our education is given through teams of involved teachers. Involved refers to the essential involvement with one another: the involvement of the teachers with their students, keeping an eye out for each other within the teacher teams and the school community. We ard concerned with the student needs, and do justice to the capabilities of the individual student.  

The school stands in the middle of society. We are active in the community. We see it as our mission for our students to be adequately equipped in Christian beliefs to fulfill their calling as citizens of two Kingdoms. Within these beliefs, it fits that, under supervision of the school, students participate in activities and events for and with other people from our society. Every location of Wartburg College is a clear example of this mission.