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At Revius pupils may follow mavo, atheneum and gymnasium. Revius counts approximately 850 pupils.

President Rooseveltweg 11
3068 TR Rotterdam-Zevenkamp, The Netherlands

Telephone number: +31 10 286 60 02

Intensified Language Education

The examination requirements for English have been tightened. In order to prepare your child as much as possible we pay much attention to this subject. The pupils in in the second and third classes of havo and atheneum receive, besides English, a minimum of six hours of other subjects in the English language. This approach will immerse pupils in the English language and their speech and reading abilities will increase considerably.


In addition to Intensified Language Education we carry out the Anglia-project in all school types. The pupils in the lower levels start with a test in which their level of English is established. Afterwards they practise during the school year at their own level for an international examination. The exam is computer based and corrected in England. After obtaining each internationally recognised certificate pupils may subscribe to a higher level. In this way pupils can qualify themselves more and more in English and increase their chances of a good result at the examination.

‘For one another’

We are convinced that together you can do more. Here at Revius we work actively together. From teacher to pupil to parent. We are actively involved, know what is going on and together we look for the best solution. To us ‘for one another’ means working together within a safe environment, aiming at good results for each pupil.

What kinds of first classes?

From school year 2015-2016 onwards location Revius has two kinds of first classes: mavo- and havo/vwo. Pupils with an advise for the combined or theoretical stream of vmbo will be placed at a mavo class. In this class lessons are given at a theoretical level. In some cases a mavo/havo class offers the right solution for parents and/or school.


Mavo is the name used for the theoretical stream of vmbo. For vmbo-bk pupils there are good educational possibilities at the Vocational College of De Swaef.

Why mavo at Revius?

Experience tells us that we can get more out of our pupils by means of another approach. This challenge will be faced with our new concept: mavo. Mavo at Revius stands for:

  • A mentality in which ‘for one another’ is central;
  • Emphasis at responsibility;
  • A culture in which it is normal that you aim at good results in a relaxed way and where the so called ‘grade-six-culture’ is not done.
  • Other teaching methods in which pupils are challenged and motivated to learn how to investigate things and solve them;
  • Individual support where needed;
  • An optimal use of talents.

Pupils who absolve mavo at Revius with good results, will receive a diploma for having attended the theoretical stream. Besides this stream we will, because of social importance and with an eye on good link-up with mbo, offer the subject Service and Products. In that case your child will have the certificate of the theoretical stream with the subject Service and Products as a seventh subject. Service and products is a subject in a ICT environment. Within the sectors pupils will carry out orders and meanwhile learn skills, such as handling Office-modules and aspects like presentation and meetings. For pupils who aim at proceeding to havo, it is also possible to choose a general, seventh subject. In short: mavo at Revius is the ideal preparation for a follow-up study, whether it is mbo or havo.

Talented pupils

If pupils can do more, they will be stimulated to do so. Therefore pupils from class 1 havo/vwo and pupils from 2 and 3 atheneum can subscribe to extra modules they may work on independently. At the moment we have two modules per year available for them. On each module they work for ten weeks, three lessons a week. If necessary they may continue at home. Each module will be rounded off with a presentation to the parents. At the end of the year they will get a certificate. The hours they work on the module change weekly so that it is not always at the expense of the same regular lessons. Pupils may also take extra modules in the upper levels, among which are Spanish, Hebrew, book keeping and science.

Results of good school schedules

As we find it important that pupils have maximum results from their school time, we work with balanced school schedules, with only few intermediate hours for the pupils. If lessons must be dropped, those intermediate hours will be filled as much as possible.

Classes with study-hour

In the first class of mavo pupils get study-hours. During these hours pupils get an opportunity to do homework under guidance. Moreover additional support is offered if it appears that pupils have a wrong approach to homework.


In the upper classes the havo and atheneum pupils have so called Z-hours, during which they work independently at tasks or do homework. Pupils may also subscribe to additional lessons, if they need extra help for a certain subject. During the Z-hours pupils often do assignments or group work. In this way our programme is optimally linked with the talents of the pupil.

Junior mentors

At Revius pupils in the first classes have a mentor and a junior mentor. Junior mentors are pupils of classes 4 or 5 who like helping pupils in the first class to find their way in the school. At Revius contacts between pupils of the first class and their mentors are already established during the introductory visit. Together with the mentor they make the pupils of the first class feel at home.

Good atmosphere

We find it important that there is a relaxed atmosphere at school, where there is time for convivial or instructive activities. At the beginning of March the yearly ice-skating-day is a highlight. In addition to the lessons activities are organised of an educative and voluntary nature. The debating club is an example. Many pupils enjoy it and learn skills which are useful for later life.