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Location Marnix offers broad lower secondary education. Pupils of all school types may enrol. Having completed the first two years, vmbo-pupils may continue their education at Marnix in order to obtain a vmbo-certificate in the combined- and the theoretical stream. For a vmbo-certificate within the vocational stream pupils must continue their school education at location de Swaef. For a havo-, atheneum- and gymnasium certificate pupils continue their school career at location Guido de Brès. Location Marnix has about 810 pupils.

Professor Waterinklaan 41
3312 KM Dordrecht

Telephone number: +31 78 639 28 00

Intensified Language Education (véto) and internationalisation

For a number of years the subject English has received an extra impulse at our location via véto. Higher education and internationalisation ask for intensification of English. All havo- and vwo pupils in the first classes are prepared for this within the lessons. In the second year they have an additional hour of English. The second and third classes attend at least three (havo) or four (vwo) subjects in English (véto). It involves the subjects religion, mathematics chemistry, economics, biology, arts and physical education. For this purpose books in the English language are mainly used. Pupils who want to absolve the third year with a First Certificate of English (FCE) exam may apply for this at the end of year 2. This program is connected with extra costs for the additional lesson and the exam. In class 3 the véto gets shape in the ‘World Citizenship Project’, a project in English lasting several days, in which pupils are working together on the themes ‘Respect and Responsibility’. The past year pupils attended again a study week at The Christian English Language Centre in England. In the context of internationalisation our school has an exchange program with the Benkö István Református Alalános Iskola és Gimnázium in Budapest (Hungary).

Practical training

Exclusively at our location within Wartburg College there is a section Practical training. For this section a special admission procedure is required.

Peer support

In order to make the switch to secondary education easier we work at our school with peer support. Selected pupils at our school who are now in the third class, are trained to be ‘peer leader’. A peer leader functions as a source of information for a group of about eight first class pupils. He or she answers questions about school matters and homework. In this way the peer leaders help first class students to readily feel at home at our school. Pupils of the first class who have problems with a certain school subject may get remedial teaching from a ‘tutor’, a pupil from the third class specially trained for this purpose.


At vmbo at Marnix we pay special care to our education: indispensable for transferring knowledge is the pedagogical relationship with the teacher. Education at a high level, rich of context, valuable and meaningful, in an ongoing learning process to mbo and havo. Balanced personal guidance, concerning choice are indispensable ingredients for vmbo pupils as well as a small scale approach and short lines of communication at Marnix. Especially for vmbo-bk there is in year 1 as well as in year 2 an intermediate class with special care for lgf/woo pupils.

Homework supervision

Under supervision of their mentor all first class pupils of vmbo receive weekly one hour homework supervision. In order to allow first class pupils to get used to the quantity of homework, they will be guided during the first school weeks so as to create a gradual build-up. Attention will also be given how to learn the various school subjects.

Additional supervision

Even though the mentor is the centre of supervision, there are pupils who need additional supervision. At our location there are teachers who have specialised in the supervision of dyslectic pupils. Other teachers give training concerning fear of failure, examination fright or social skills.


Especially for pupils who enrol at vmbo-bk and vmbo-gt, showing very good results in the first class, there is a possibility in certain cases to switch to a higher level, vmbo-gt and havo respectively. Conditions can be found in the school guide at page 46. During the first class period there is a special programme for these pupils: they receive additional supervision for upstream as soon as results, motivation and the wish for this treatment appear.

Talented students

At our location there is within the project ‘more-talented pupils’ special attention for the (more) talented pupils. A group-screening will take place by means of an intelligence test by the Centrum voor Begaafdheidsonderzoek (Centre for talent research).
Additionally a test will be taken testing the studiousness of pupils. If the outcome of these tests show a more than average score, these pupils will be considered for a special enrichment track. After consultation and under skilful supervision they may participate in this track within the regular lessons, aimed at their fields of interest.

Social traineeship

From class 2 onwards our pupils have their social traineeship. They present themselves subservient towards others and learn to be meaningful for society. For a number of days during the activity weeks they are actively busy with for example aged or handicapped people, or to the benefit of an environmental organisation.

Project education

During our activity weeks all classes at our school have project days, which among other things contribute to the awareness of young people, that they have a task in the society they live in. In many cases pupils visit other schools, companies and institutions. Examples of projects: the ‘Africa project’ (in English, class 3 vmbo-gt), ‘No apologies’ (class 2) and ‘Mind your health‘ (class 1).

Cultural activities

At our location various cultural activities are yearly organised, such as the Great Marnix Dictation, a week with educational excursions, sports tournaments and musical performances of the Marnix ensemble.

Contact with the neighbourhood

Location Marnix wants to teach pupils that they may mean something for society. In order to make them aware of this, we regularly give pupils the opportunity to undertake neighbourhood activities. They may undertake gardening activities, repair bicycles and do chores at the homes of neighbours. Neighbours may attend courses at our school. We invite them at lunch time concerts, autumn dinner, or Christmas meal. They may also participate enthusiastically in the Great Marnix Dictation or the Great Learning Park Dictation.