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Special Guidance

In addition to the mentor, the Guido de Brès employs several specific special needs personnel for the first point of contact of help for problems. These special needs personnel are given notice through the Care and Advice team (ZAT). The care can also be administered after a group screening.

We can offer the following types of care:

  • Performance anxiety reduction
  • Dyslexia guidance (after screening)
  • School social work
  • Orthopedagogical guidance
  • Handicapped guidance
  • SOVA-training class 1 (after screening)   

In addition, there is a Rebound facility and a cluster 4 facility linked to the Guido de Brès. Registration for these facilities are run through the Care and Advice team of the location and through an admission council. For more information about the Rebound program and cluster 4, visit the Wartburg College website: wartburg college > begeleiding.

For more information about the care provided by the school, please contact Mr. H. den Ouden (HdenOuden@wartburg.nl).