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6 years of TTO | Costs

English is a language spoken by over 800 million people around the world. Therefore it is very important to be able to use this language properly, if you want to make a good impression at your future university and at a later moment when entering the labor market.

Moreover, we think it is incredibly important for our pupils to meet Christians from other countries and cultures. Partly because of these reasons we started the TTO program next to the regular vwo program.

The level of education in our TTO department is equal to that of the vwo department. However, in contrast to vwo, more than 50 percent of all lessons is taught in English. Furthermore, TTO students are given the opportunity to connect with young people around the globe and to go on several international excursions.

Another very important part of TTO is the Cambridge exams. Having a certificate like that is an advantage, especially in the light of future studies or internships.

Furthermore, there's a difference between TTO and gTO. Pupils that follow the gTO course follow Greek and Latin lessons while at the same time there is attention for the relation between classical languages and the subject itself (integrated grammar).

Even though the English language is very important to us, it isn't the only thing we focus on. It is good to know that God gave us our intelligence and talents to serve others and Him.

If you are thinking of joining TTO, you are invited to our Open Evenings and special TTO events. Click here for more information for new pupils