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At Vocational College De Swaef pupils may receive education in three streams of vmbo: the basic-vocational stream, the frame-vocational stream and the combined-stream. For the combined stream there is a special variety G-PLUS. De Swaef counts 700 pupils.

Carnissesingel 20 
3084 NA  Rotterdam-Carnisse

Telephone number location De Swaef
+31 10 480 14 22 

Vocational College

With our Vocational College we distinguish ourselves from other regular vmbo-schools. From the beginning of school year 1 pupils get in touch with real practice in our five departments and so start with orientation and preparation for their future vocation. The powerful learning environment of years 3 and 4 is available for the pupils of years 1 and  2. Pupils attend real practical lessons, and get in touch with firms and institutions by means of excursions and of guest lessons. In this way they will choose on the basis of experience instead of images. By means of intensive co-operation with Hoornbeeck College we hope to offer future pupils of the Vocational College a shorter learning period, which will enable them to obtain their start- qualification level 2 earlier.  

At De Swaef we offer the following departments:

  • Building Living & Interior
  • Producing, Installing & Energy 
  • Mobility & Transport
  • Economy & Enterprise
  • Care and Welfare


For the various streams of Vocational College there is a placement guide. This guide indicates for which pupils the respective stream is appropriate. This placement guide can be consulted at www.beroepencollege.nl


Vocational College has much to offer in the field of care and supervision. We are confronted with an increasing number of pupils with disabilities such as ADHD, dyslexia and autism. In order to prevent that these disabilities hinder the learning process (too much) we offer various types of supervision.

Lesson cancellation

To a greater or lesser degree every school has to cope with lesson cancellation. This may be caused by, among other things, meetings or illness of a teacher. However, pupils are used to structure. Avoiding lesson cancellation is a spearhead at location De Swaef. Several parents have indicated that they value this attitude.

Work experience

In years 3 and 4 pupils are given the opportunity of work- en vocational experience For year 3 this amounts to two weeks before the May holidays. In year 4 it involves two weeks in September. Depending on the department a more extensive work experience can be offered. For a complete  work experience programme see www.beoepencollege.nl.

Year 1: camping-week

In year one pupils go camping in the second school week for three days. The aim of this three-day-camp is to influence the process of group-building. During these days the social processes will be the central focus.

Year 3: camping-days

Pupils of the third class also go camping for a few days. Related to the choice of department in year 2 and the influx of other locations and schools completely new groups come into existence. The group-process will be the central focus during these camping days.

BBL2 and BBL3 construction technology and automotive engineering

Thanks to an intensive co-operation with Hoornbeeck College it is possible for our pupils of construction technology to attend the courses for carpenter and mason levels 2 and 3 of vmbo at our school. This also applies to pupils of automotive engineering, who will be enabled to attend the course for car-technician. The advantages are that our pupils can continue their education for construction technology or automotive engineering at mbo-level. Moreover they will get to know their fellow-pupils and there will be no overlap in the curriculum. In the years to come it will be investigated if the possibilities of BBL2 and BBL3 courses will also be possible for other departments.

Combines stream

At Vocational College De Swaef G-PLUS can be taken in addition to the regular combined stream. The combined stream will, as may be expected from Vocational College, be set up with a practical application of the vocational programme.

Unique at De Swaef: G-Plus

G-PLUS stands for combined stream with a plus. When pupils attend G-PLUS, they will get all theoretical subjects at the level of the combined stream. Moreover they get in year one also eight hours of practical subjects per week in the five departments the Vocational College has to offer, for example Mobility & Transport or Care & Welfare. The G-PLUS is suitable for pupils who, besides theoretically, like being involved in a practical and concrete way. Pupils will start on this track at the beginning of year 2, if they already know which profession they aspire. With a certificate of the combined stream and much practical knowledge and experience pupils are better prepared for a subsequent course at mbo and at hbo. Besides, pupils have not only obtained theoretical knowledge from a book, but they have also been able to test the theory in practice.

For more information about Vocational College, see www.beroepencollege.nl