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Internationalisation at Wartburg College

Both bilingual education and internationalisation play an important role at Wartburg College. At our locations the subject English is provided an additional impulse by teaching several subjects in English, exchange programmes with foreign schools, project oriented weeks, and attending study programmes in England. We also stimulate our students to obtain an internationally recognised certificate at a level as high as possible.

After obtaining each internationally recognised certificate pupils may subscribe to a higher level. In this way pupils can qualify themselves more and more in English and increase their chances of a good result at the examination.

At Wartburg’s Guido de Brès location they have offered bilingual education since 2005. This challenging way of education has several dimensions. Students do not only broaden their perspective on the area of the English language and subject content. Since we have experienced that meeting Christians from another country and background is so enriching for our students and also for teachers, we have started to put emphasis on what we call spiritual formation. Therefore their slogan is:

Why do we learn a language? To serve God and to be a blessing to others.